Post #3 : Personal Shoppers

Personal Shoppers

          A personal shopper is one who assists customers with merchandise. Unlike regular clothing store workers, personal shoppers help their customers individually, one at a time. Personal shoppers are usually asked to select goods based on their client’s needs, budget, or style. Shopping assistants are usually found at upscale departments stores which have a variety of designer brands. In order to become a personal shopper, one needs to have strong understanding and interest in fashion, knowledge about new products, good communication skills, a physically fit body, patience, the ability to earn the trust of others, good judgment, and an outgoing personality. Although personal shoppers work mostly with upper class clients, there are no formal educational requirements for the job. If personal shoppers did not exist, the richest and busiest people would not have dressed as nicely as they do today.

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper



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