Post #4 : Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers

          Truck drivers are the people who drive massive trucks loaded with goods. Truck drivers not only drive, but they also load and unload goods. In order to obtain this career, you have to be very precise, be able to stay awake for long hours, be able to drive without getting into accidents, know about trucks, and be physically fit. Cargo types, vehicle sizes, and trip durations may vary from day to day and from driver to driver. In general, there are two types of truck drivers: heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers and light or delivery services truck drivers. The two groups of truck drivers are classified by their gross vehicle weights. Truck drivers spend most of their time driving. All you need to become a truck driver is a driver’s license. A truck driver’s income varies from week to week but they make around $50,000 a year. Although truck driving sounds like an insignificant career, if there were not any truck drivers, we would have had to drive to ports, factories, or farms to pick up goods.





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