Post #5 : Surgeons


          Surgeons are physicians who perform operations on patients in order to repair injuries, prevent diseases, correct abnormalities and in general to improve the health of the patients. General surgeons perform various operations while specialized surgeons such as neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons perform specific surgeries. To become a surgeon you need to be able to have patience, good hand-eye coordination, good hands, knowledge in science, fine vision, and good communication skills. Surgeons work long hours in hospitals, taking care of patients in need of surgery, taking care of patients who have gone through surgery, and performing operations. Surgeons spend most of their time standing and therefore must be physically fit. The average salary for a general surgeon is $ 300,000 per year. Surgeons play a big role in keeping people healthy. Without surgeons, the life expectancy of human beings would have stayed low.





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