Post #7 : Response to “So Young, and So Gadgeted” by Warren B.

After reading “So Young, and So Gadgeted,” I believe that children should get their first cellphone, laptop or virtual persona in middle school when they start learning how to take care of their goods. Before this age, I believe, children will lose and wreck their new gadgets.

According to the Loose Leaf Library Springhouse Corporation, Piaget is the most influential child development psychologist who found the “secrets of human learning hidden behind the seemingly illogical notions of children.” He believed that “children were not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge but active builders of knowledge who were constantly creating and testing their own theories of the world.” He also began to “suspect that the key to human knowledge could be discovered by observing how the child’s mind develops.”

Piaget “identified four states of cognitive development by catching his own children.” “Sensorimotor” was the first stage. During this stage children learn about themselves and their environments through actions—they learn that they are separate from their environments and that the objects and people in their environments continue to exist even though they are outside the reach of their senses.
The second state, the “preoperational” stage (ages 3-5) takes place when children first attempt to represent objects by using symbols. Children gain the ability to think about things and events that are not present. Despite this fact, thinking is still influenced by fantasy.
From ages 6-11 children enter the “concrete” stage during which they learn how to think abstractly and make rational judgments about concrete or observable events.
Children at the ages 12 and up have entered the “formal operational” stage in which they are reaching the cognitive functioning of adults. Children are now able to make rational judgments without concrete objects or observable events.

I believe that there aren’t any “gadgets” that I don’t currently have that I would want next year as a college student. But, I would definitely want a new laptop when I go to college.


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