Post #8 : Don’t crack your neck!

      Even at school, you see many people cracking their necks. Many adults in Korea see chiropractors to relieve pain and they get their necks cracked by them. Although adjusting your neck is supposed to relieve pain and you do it without thinking most of the time, an article states that neurologists have noticed a relationship between neck adjustments and strokes. The technical term for neck cracking, “cervical spinal manipulation,” involves the twisting of the neck. Although people believe that this technique relieves pain, they are taking risks when they get their necks adjusted. Neurologists have hypothesized that this kind of activity could damage the two major arteries that go to the back of the brain. A study conducted indicated that young stroke patients under the age of 45 were five times more likely to have cracked their necks within a week of their stroke than normal people. Other studies disproved this hypothesis. One of these studies stated that strokes were linked to arterial dissections at the back of the neck. Young patients with neck and back pain could have gone to see chiropractors for relief, not realizing that their ailments were symptoms of strokes or arterial dissections. In short, you should be careful when getting neck manipulations as they may carry a small risk of strokes. 

Cervical Spinal Manipulation

Cervical Spinal Manipulation



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