Post #9 : Chewing gum after surgery may help recovery

      According to an article, British researchers have discovered a relationship between chewing gum and recovery from abdominal surgery. In a review of several small studies, they have came to the conclusion that chewing gum following abdominal surgery may help in recovery. The studied involved five randomized trials involving 158 patients who had undergone colectomy, a surgical procedure which completely or partially removes the colon. Half of the patients were told to chew gum after their operations. The guts of the patients who chewed gum became active more quickly. Not only this, but the patients who chewed gum lowered their incidence of obstruction to the bowel. Four out of the five studies found that the length of postoperative stay in the hospital were shorter for gum chewers than for those who did not. The mechanism is unclear, however doctors believe that chewing gum does have an effect on activating the gut.


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