Post #10: Strange Foods

Cooked Pigeon

Cooked Pigeon

To me, strange foods are foods I would never imagine eating. I coud never imagine myself eating locusts, dogs, spiders, cats, seagulls, and in general, the animals I see everyday. To me, they do not look like food. I am used to looking at them alive. Eating one of these creature would be strange. It would be the same thing as eating another human being. Seeing one of these creatures on my dinner plate would be as strange as seeing a human body part on my dinner plate. Although I see chickens, cows, pigs, and fish that are alive, I am used to eating these creatures. If I see them, the word “food” comes into my mind. In short, strange foods are foods that I have never eaten before and foods that I would never eat.

A few years ago, I ate a pigeon wing at a restaurant. I did not know it was a pigeon wing because it tasted and looked like chicken. Although it did not look or taste funny, it felt weird. You see pigeons everyday, flying around and eating food off of the ground. To see one of these creatures on your dinner plate is strange; when you think of a pigeon you imagine a bird, not something like a fried chicken wing.




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