Post #12: The Ackee Fruit

A case shared with Dr. Sanders:

          A middle-aged man, visiting his family in Jamaica, suddenly felt dizzy and lightheaded after a meal at a restaurant. He excused this discomfort and forgot about it until it happened again and again. Surges of nausea and dizziness came back over and over. He felt that something was weird after it happened a third time. He checked his blood sugar which turned out to be very low. When he finally decided to consult a doctor, the doctors were not able to figure out what was wrong. The man was relatively healthy; he worked out everyday and ate a mostly vegetarian diet. It was not diabetes, his liver was fine, he did not have anemia. It was the Ackee fruit. When eaten in an unripe phase, the ackee fruit gives off chemicals that limit the body’s ability to release its backup supply of glucose when glucose levels are low between meals. Beware of the Ackee.


The Ackee Fruit

The Ackee Fruit


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