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Post #22: Field Trip to the DMZ

April 29, 2009

A response to the PBS documentary Field Trip to the DMZ .



Although North Korea is a country just north of South Korea, not much is known about the North. Previously, I had learned about the north through Korean films and dramas like “Crossing” and “Cain and Abel.” Because this was so, North Korean defectors only seemed like imaginary people to me. I did not believe that it was possible for North Koreans to escape their country because the process of leaving the country depicted in those films and shows seemed too dangerous and burdensome to be possible. However, through this documentary all seemed possible and real. 


I used to believe that all North Koreans were evil looking for ways to end the world, despite the fact that the adults around me told me that the citizens did not have anything to do with the trouble North Korea caused. When I watched this documentary, the stereotypical images I previously had went away. As I got to know more about the North Koreans just as humans and not part of a large country developing nuclear weapons, I was able to feel sympathy for the people. In the documentary, North Korea came across to me like a world like one depicted in 1984 in which the citizens were made to think in certain ways and believe in certain things. The way in which the students at the school were not familiar with computers and the Internet seemed to be a result of the North Korean government’s attempts to keep the North Koreans detached from the world.


Post #21: Visual Examples of Modernism

April 3, 2009
Spiral Jetty

"Spiral Jetty"by Robert Smithson- A monumental earthwork located on the Great Salt Lake in Utah.


No.5 by Jackson Pollock

"No.5" by Jackson Pollock


Whos Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue? by Barnett Newman

"Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue?" by Barnett Newman


Glass Palace

"Glass Palace"